Ornamental Shrubs

Popular Ornamental Shrubs

If you are thinking about adding some style to your yard and walk ways, you can add a few ornamental shrubs. These types of plants are commonly used in landscaping and they can accent specific areas to get the most out of your space. You can even plant a few in a row to be used as a privacy plant to place in front of the windows. Most ornamental shrubs are capable of growing into trees but you can keep them pruned according to your own personal tastes.

There are many different varieties of ornamental shrubs. Some have hearty foliage with heavy leaves and others produce fruit or flower blooms. In order to create a beautiful landscape using ornamental shrubs, you can research these plants and find one that is right for you.

If you like shrubs that have a wonderful fragrance, than abelia grandiflora may be a good choice. This plant can reach up to 12 feet in height and it has dark green leaves. In the late summer it produces tunnel shaped white blooms with a touch of pink. It grows in a natural oval shape but it can be pruned to appear in more square shape. This plant can be used as a single tree or bigger shrub or it can be pruned down to size and placed among other abelia grandiflora. It prefers to be in full direct sunlight and also thrives in a warmer climate.

Berberis or Pepperidge bushes have festive red berries that the plant produces in the mid summer. But before the berries are found on these shrubs they also produce smaller yellow flowers. The leaves on the berberis plant turn a pink to red color in the fall before they fall off. This makes the plant even more interesting. Even though the tiny berries on this plant are edible, they have a sour flavor. But birds love the taste and they will frequently visit your berberis plant. These plants are used as barriers or privacy fences. They are thorny shrubs and this makes them perfect for deterring burglars or any other unwanted visitors.

The butterfly bush is another fragrant shrub and it actually attracts butterflies and birds. It produces honeysuckle scented flowers and a nectar that is hard for hummingbirds to ignore. It has leaves that are a gray to green color and all summer long it produces blooms. These tiny flowers come on red, pink, purple or white. These types of plants look the best when planted in a row. They branch out in different directions, so there is little to no need to keep them all the same shape. They look more attractive when they are planted together and allowed to grow freely in any direction.

The pieris japonica is a shrub that is mainly used for an entry way or as an accent plant. The foliage on these plants starts out a bronze to scarlet color and turns into a deep green when the plant matures. The plant produces white to pink flowers that appear in the early spring. These plants should be kept close to the home, to take advantage of the fragrance and to be able to enjoy the beauty of the plant. They have a tendency to grow at a fast rate, so to prune them to a specific shape, wait until they have finished flowering and prune them down to size.

Most ornamental shrubs thrive in direct sunlight to slight shade. It will not harm the plant to be placed in partial shade but you may not get the same amount of flowers or fruit that a plant can produce form being in the sun all day. When these plants are small, the roots can become damaged by over watering. Make sure the soil is fully dried and sandy before you water them and plant them on a slight hill so the excess water can drain away from the roots.