Large Shrubs

Tips on Which Large Shrubs to Plant for Shade

Although most large shrubs are generally thought to be the type of plants that must have a lot of sun, there are some that will thrive just as well in shade or partial shade. These types of shrubs are great for adding to a garden so that you can have shady areas to find relief from the heat, or provide partial shade for any plants that you have that cannot be in the hot sun. If you have areas of your garden that are very shady, but still want some color, you’ll want to choose large shrubs that will do just as good in the shade as in the sun.

Hydrangea macrophylla – This shrub will produce beautiful clusters of flowers all through the summer months. Like some large shrubs, this one is used to create mixed borders. There are different varieties of this shrub that will grow anywhere from 4 to 7 feet tall; you can get this shrub in varieties that produce different colored flowers, including blue, white, and pink, as well as other colors. Because you can get these large shrubs in such a variety, they are very flexible when it comes to finding the perfect place to plant them in your garden. In addition to the flowers, the Hydrangea macrophylla shrub will also produce large leaves, which is great for shade.

Camellia japonica – These large bushes are a fantastic addition to any garden; they provide you with deep green color and lovely flowers which make them a great choice to use as a backdrop for your other colorful flowers. This shrub has been bred to provide the gardener with an abundance of choice when it comes to the shape of the shrub and the color of the lowers it produces.

Kerria japonica – Although this shrub only grows a few feet tall, it is still considered to be among the large shrubs for gardens due to the fact that it can grow out to over 6 feet in diameter. This type of shrub will thrive in either partial sun, or shade. It does prefer some afternoon sun, but will also survive nicely if planted in shady areas, which is why they are so popular to use for shady borders. The Kerria japonica is a shrub that will flower in the spring, though there are some varieties that will provide blooms all season long. When planting this shrub you will have to choose a location that has fertile, and well-drained soil.

Kalmia latifolia – These large shrubs are also known as Mountain Laurel shrubs; these shrubs will do well in a garden that is shady or partial shady. The reason that this shrub thrives in shade is that it originally comes from heavily wooded areas, making it very accustomed to shade. This shrub produces large, wide leaves and will blossom with flowers in late spring. This shrub will grow from 5 to 15 feet tall, and is a wonderful backdrop for other colorful plants that you have in your garden. The Kalmia latifolia needs to be planted in a fertile and well-drained soil; if you have soil that is very clay like, you may have problems with this shrub.

These large shrubs can be planted in a variety of different climate zones, to be sure which zone each will thrive in you will need to do some research on each shrub variety. Although these are some of the large shrubs that can thrive in shady conditions, there are other types, as well as small and medium shrubs. If you choose the right shrubs for your shade garden, you can have as much foliage and blossoms as you want to brighten up the area.